Saturday, April 17, 2010


I went to the American Slavic Women's Group meeting this morning, as there was to be a presenter about the history of Yugoslavia. I had met Dr. Heikle - I am probably spelling that wrong - and she was discussing this at a cocktail party and we started talking about dictators and cultures and it was fascinating. Well it was her presentation unfortunately it had been bumped to September. So I sat at a table with a lot of nice older woman making small talk. It was pleasant. One woman I don't know her age, possibly mid - late 80s and wow it was just nice to be around a strong group of older woman. Working in a high school I am at the other end of the age bracket so this was absolutely wonderful.

My brain is a desert for fiction. I have been reading lots of non-fiction so off to browse in the library shelves...become the book....

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