Friday, February 24, 2012

Wonderfilled day today. 1st Accupuncture from one of the Urban Dealight deals. Then on the way home it was lunchtime and I had not eaten even breakfast so stopped at Chilitos. I had heard about it because a former student and his dad opened the place. The carne assada not so good, but the chicken mole was phenomenal. Then realized not enough time to go to Good Will and of course couldn't lift the monitor that Aaron promised me he would help me move, but he always had more important stuff and even when I told him how important it was to me to get rid of it he poo pooed it away, he was soooooo selfish.

Really glad Guy will help me with that. Anyway groceries lots of fruits and snacks and lunch fixins for work next week and this weekend. Then went to return the car and it was a downpour so I decided to get a manicure and pedicure. The salon was really not friendly and I won't go back there, but I was proud of myself because 2 nails looked bumpy and so I spoke up and they were redone. My toe color looks great, I wish I had been brave enough to get it on my fingers too! Then started to walk home and stopped at Four Winds and had a delightful conversation with the clerk there and he and his wife are starting a meditation group. It sounds perfect for the space I am moving toward. Then walked home. Oh my legs are tired.

Lots of walking today, walked in a rush to the car, timed it all wrong, but was thrilled as I was only 10 minutes late this morning for my appt.And I had called and left a message that I would be about 10 minutes late so it worked perfect.

Tomorrow after OA I am walking to Jen's. I can't wait to see that cute little boy! He is getting so big. Almost one now. Geez.

Chinese for dinner tonight. Have alot of leftovers for the weekend. That is also unusual and hoping it becomes usual. Just like I stopped eating the carne asada when I realized I didn't like it. The rice and beans were mediocre but good with the avocado and tomato. Didn't take the leftovers from that meal home.

Now comfortably at home, have to plan to get to the meeting on the bus tomorrow. It was late really late the first time I took the bus there so have to plan to get there earlier. A farther walk than I thought to so need to add extra time for that.

Walking, eating better, possibly meditation, who knows maybe I will start writing in my journal again!

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