Sunday, July 1, 2012

Another good day. 3 more bags of food waste taken to the garage. 2 more bags of recycling taken to the bins. One more load of dishes done. And possibly unloaded very soon! Then filled up again. Then oh then I can mop! Yay! I was supposed to be saving money but after all that work needed a break so had half a turkey sub. Yay! I ordered the full thing, but am relatively full after the half oh and some onion rings. I will have cherries for my snack. This is kind of thrilling considering I had a salad for lunch and pretzals for a snack. Oh and pb & banana o wheat bread with oj for breakfast. What a great healthy day. AWESOME!!! And I have to cook the tilapia tonight before it goes bad, resting for about an hour then will cook up the tilapia. Yay!!! This is such a powerful day. I can feel my higher power surging through my veins and taking control again, or at least me not standing in the way for today!

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