Saturday, January 1, 2011

Applause to Le Reve

Yup, Gary has amazing friends! Can I have a hetero version of Keith the brilliant man solving world problems and completely flying under the radar. Love that! Caught in traffic during the actual countdown, my nightmare turned to reality. Completely sucked.

Then laid in bed til around noon. Went to Reve and if I die I think I want my ashes scattered there, it is phenomenal. I split a chocolate almond croissant, a savory bacon pastry and a raspberry cheesecake and could have died happy. I think my favorite was the savory bacon croissant, mmmm yummy!

Bought Ger a BLT & G - goat cheese sandwich that looked completely amazing! Can't wait to have one of those!

If you like french pastries and are in Seattle go to Reve.

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