Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fresh Salmon Quiche

So my new cookbook with all these recipes from inns across the nation. I just made a pie crust with cream cheese, never done that before. And I added broccoli, because it was just salmon and eggs and cheese and I am seriously trying to eat more fruit and veggies this year. It is baking now and in 8 minutes I have to take the foil off the edges of the pie crust. I hope it taste good.

Ahh we shall see if the vanishing man reappears. He said he would communicate more, so time will tell. I won't email him, I won't email him, I won't email him. I like to communicate so hope he really steps into this. As a widower I know there must be some trepidation but I may have to cut bait if he remains incommunicado much longer.

Oh Happy Day of Kings everyone - can't believe I almost forgot!

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