Friday, December 30, 2011

Dual Survival

Ok, I love that Dual Survival is doing a show in the Olympics. They just cut away on one of the guides going down a mossy tree trunk into a river, not exactly the plan. Too funny. I have been in the Olympics, and I am not a "camping" type of girl, there is always another way around. Oh well it looks good for the camera.

Maybe that is what my niece should do. Get a reality show, we all know that reality shows aren't actual so should be perfect for her. I mean come on quit the law firm because they are unethical, move out and marry some guy she knew for a month online. I wonder what happened to the house she bought. I hope my brother didn't co-sign for that house. Bad enough he probably is paying her loans. A different brother said she is going to join the FBI - I wonder if they know that! Especially with our family history and activities don't quite see that one working out. Well now that she and her hubby are back from Costa Rica I am sure she can start having puppies and use that as an excuse not to work. It is too bad she needs an excuse, but I guess after picking a private law school to find your Mrs. degree you don't have to worry about school loans etc. And grandbabies would sure make my mom happy in heaven. I am going to assume she still goes to church regularly so will never get divorced. Could get scary considering she didn't even know the guy for a year before marrying.

What we women learned from our elders, (or didn't learn) thank God I am single. Geez!

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