Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Aaron had his hearing at the library today. In addition to having a description 15 years his junior he apparently was scene with a "Caucasian" woman. And although they are going to let his exclusion expire early as they have absolutely no proof of supposed missing items (and he also doesn't reshelve the materials properly, hmmm aren't librarians paid to do that?) he was advised to warn said "Caucasian" woman that I am being watched now in the library. Really. Really? Really.

Lets just say I sent an email to the library representative indicating the correct date - January 2nd when I was using a Greenlake library computer because my monitor had expired and I was checking Craigslist for free monitors. Let's see I think I was in there for 15- 20 minutes. Um at the computer. So when did I steal something, must have been mindreading, because instead of searching for a monitor I was probably casing the place. Basically I asked the representative to advise me if the warning -oh after I advised her I was not a "Caucasian"- is serious, because it sounds like defamation of character and I will contact my lawyer if I need to. And yes I will. Because I hate scare tactics and bullies and I will not be bullied!

In his absence I will bite the habenero and chew with dry eyes. And that is not the
only time I have dined on fire.

They have my Latina fire raging and who doesn't love a good fire.

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