Thursday, December 30, 2010

I am so ready for a new year. I had a year of injuries and am ending on that same note. I absolutely dread going to work where I am terrorized and have to wait for HR to decide if I am being bullied or not. Fortunately I have a doctor's appt so that should help. I have been dreading going back to work since yesterday and literally am just afraid. I just wish my coworker would blow up again in front of anyone besides me. She is so unstable I really feel for her children.

In the meantime I work in an unsafe environment. I really have to commit to my studies so that I can start school next fall. I wonder how much debt I will have paid down by next fall. I just want to go to school and not have to deal with psychos. I also want yes to find a nice available intelligent affectionate sexy man who loves me and only me.

But pipe dreams....maybe that is the theme for 2011 Pipe Dreams.... why not, has to be better than my reality.

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