Friday, July 29, 2011

I can't think of anything that fills my heart with such joy ss people who are happy to see me. I think after suffering verbal abuse and physcial threats for a year that were allowed for by my boss only intensified this feeling.

As I reconnect with my poetry family I feel so blessed. Donna and I caught up over for me mediocre fish and chips and her a good salmon burger. Then caught some fantastic poets and fiction writers at the Couth Buzzard book store.

It was a full day leaving work heading straight to Greenwood to make it there in time. Passing time in the decadent Chocolati coffee shop then having a mojito with my dinner. I am sure my sugar is off the charts tonight. But it felt good to not think about it tonight. To just enjoy my refound friend, to share in the joy of words and oh the band. Brilliant, names like Stanislaw and Xena singing Iranian and Romanian tunes, at times absolutely ethereal and other times very fun. Oh the band's name is Tribute to Matt Caspi.

My abuser is gone. The boss who allowed her behavior is leaving. My energy is returning, my house is cleaner, weight is coming off me, I am writing again, and for all the injuries I had, my stride was more open tonight and my legs felt strong.

What a day. What a night. What a life.

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