Sunday, January 8, 2012

Finally better. Exhausted today though, didn't do a thing, literally. I spent yesterday taking a friend out whose dad passed over the holidays. Came home exhausted from that and just got out of bed a few hours ago. Have to get my clothes and lunch ready for tomorrow though before I go back to bed.

Walked a lot on Saturday so don't feel bad about not walking today. Need to shower still tonight so I don't have to get up early and shower.

Ordered Chinese for dinner. Have about 4 meals out of the order so that is a good deal.

Found out my Aunt Jean passed away, she was a really nice lady. I remember her most from a picture my mom had, she had a really pretty smile and sparkling eyes.

Talked to a brother today because a mutual friend is gay and asked me to let it slip to some people we have in common, and I am so glad I am not in Michigan anymore. Ignorant people. My brother said he doesn't condone it but isn't going to run him over or anything like that. What a creep. This is the same brother that physically threatened me so guess I shouldn't be too suprised. Just so glad I am away from all of them. Ugh.

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