Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pruning and weeding.

Yesterday all the rain brought the black spot on my yellow roses so felt good to trim that away. I even bagged it up for the yardwaste so it wouldn't spread into my soul. (yes this is a typo, but it is appropro so am keeping it!)

Today I pruned the purple rose and found a ton of weeds around it. And was granted with a hidden surprise of another squash. Gave it to Gary he was meeting me for coffee. We had a great talk about energy and infrastructure. He is such a smarty pants and so cool. Glad he is my friend. Then I went back to the garden and started trimming down the raspberries. They get so big. They were attacking the apple tree and hiding some major weeds. Got one giant weed pulled out and bagged those up - to woody for the compost. Feels so good to be cutting things back pulling out weeds, clearing.

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