Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pecan pie

Done. And it looks amazing. I hope the crust is good. Crust what a gross word, but when done well on a pie amazing! Anyway, I ran 1/4 shy of the dark caro syrup so used the light, I am such a rebel. I have a diverse pecan pie for Thanksgiving at Rebecca's. The crust is ready on the apple pie. Aaron is apparently feeling somewhat better, don't know, but he is coming over tonight to help cook the food he said. So I believe I am having brunch at Jenn's, lunch/dinner at Rebecca's and then home for turkey? Who knows. I am not taking any bets and am for certain going to Jenn's and Rebecca's. And I totally get the Aaaron head space. After my brother's murders Jenn in all her loveliness was always inviting me out and many times I said I would go and then cancelled. But she didn't give up on me and look at me now. A little worse for where but overall pretty good.

Ok. I better find that apple pie recipe.

I am starting to get hungry so better eat soon. hmmm food. Good concept for a diabetic.

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