Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey Day Blowout

Ok. At first Thanksgiving was cancelled at my house. Then I had more invitations than I could handle. So today I had a beautiful Thanksgiving at my second family, the Evans. And of course the turkey was perfectly moist, the dressing was yummy and the twice baked potatoes brilliant. And of all things the tiniest peas were delicious. Then Aaron joined me for Phyllis's cocktail party. How that woman does it, I'll never know. She is cooking dinner for 30 people and had a cocktail party for about oh 40 others that are not at the dinner. I can't wait to hear her sing in her chorus December 12th - Seattlites - check it out the Midevil Women's Chorus.
We made the pies yesterday. Apple for tonight. And pecan for Rebecca's tomorrow. And huckleberry at Joani's maybe tomorrow as well. Gym tomorrow. Definately!!!!

A lot to be thankful for, a very thoughtful man who cooks for me and spoils me with massage, and listens and well lots of good stuff. Amazing as in Best Friends of the Universe friends, who are always there for me, whether physically or in spirit. So much more, but those are the most important.

No Black Friday shopping for me. The bank account is dwindled, but we will have leftovers a plenty and recipes for the turkey. It should be a good weekend all the way around.

How lucky am I? Ok not win the lottery lucky, but pretty damn lucky.

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