Sunday, February 14, 2010


When I turned 16 one of my best friends consciously had her birthday party on the date that I had chose to have mine. Now being the youngest of eight meant that I was spoiled, but only to a limit, and even I knew my parents would not outspend my friends parents. She came from Texas and was always competing to be best friends with one of my best friends, since apparently you can only have one. So I cancelled my party and watched as her parents gave her 16 red roses. I had told my mom and dad the exact gift was what I wanted. (I think we saw it on some teen flick around that time) so naturally on the actual day of my birthday (opposed to the convenient Sat night party)I received 16 daffodils. My dad thought this was a much better gift as daffodils make people smile. People ahhhh and ohhhh over roses, but daffodils light up a room. Of course I said thank you and that was about all (I was a very ungrateful child) and only now as an adult can agree. Yes daffodils are my favorite flower. Yes I have a yellow and purple rose bush in my Ppatch plot, but I love daffodils. They are so bright and yellow who doesn't love yellow. (Ok I am sure there are some people), but they genuinely do make people smile. Especially when you buy them unopened, cut their stems, put in water, go to bed and Wammo! a burst of sunshine in the morning. Yes. My fabulous boyfriend with an ear infection, strep throat, and an infected toe took the bus to two stores to try and find me daffodils for Valentine's Day. What a precious man. Since they are not out yet he bought me these gorgeous trio of lowers yellow ones, white ones and pink ones. I feel so lucky today. The sun is out and I am going to go for a walk. He had to work last night, and then we did a Buffy marathon (he never watched the series) then crashed. We plan to have a nice Valentiney celebration on Friday, when hopefully he is all better. In the meantime, today we have to hit the store to replace some clothes of his that were stole from the laundry room. I'd like to think they really needed them, but in his part of town you never know. Ok don't want to go there with all this talk of sunshine and daffodils so lets leave it there, I have a wonderful man who is daffodilicious who doesn't get to caught up in the Valentine's hype and I love that!

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