Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fleas maybe

Ok, still not sure what the bug is. Maybe fleas. Tiny little suckers eating my fingers and toes for a 9course meal. My landlady is going to call a bug guy tomorrow, one more nights of bugs. Yup I rewashed all my sheets and comforter and went to put them on the bed and there it was I think a flea. I don't know I just know it is tiny. It sat there waiting and hopping off before I could vaccuum it up. One more night of bugs. Tomorrow I will stay at Aaron's and possibly until it is taken care of, this is ridiculous!

Hmmm I think my renter's insurance might cover housing so I should get a check while staying at Aaron's that will of course help cover the cost of all the bug spray and anti-itch cream and pillow and mattress casings. Argh!

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