Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bunny up

I am writing this letter on line because we (her friends) can only send her positive thoughts and wishes.

Dear Gabrielle,

I am sorry you are sick. I hate cancer. I need my superheroine to find the most skilled surgeon in the universe and remove that inoperable tumor. I wonder if he/she would if you had money. If you weren't poor maybe the prognosis would have been better. In the economic climate these days who knows. You are a poor outspoken liberal artist you taught us to embrace the hippie in all of us through generosity and love.

Let me sign off with Tim Sanders' "Dirty" Haiku for you:

Overalls come off
Dive into the summer squash
Naked gardening

I love you Gabrielle. Bunny Up.


  1. that word has popped up in my life too: inoperable.

    my thoughts and prayers and with you and your beloved friend.

  2. It sucks! Thank you for your kindness. I am sending energy/prayers/thoughts to you as well.