Thursday, January 14, 2010


I feel such malaise right now. I just read a facebook status from someone from highschool who said put this on your status bar about supporting the troops for an hour and if you don't support the troops then stand in front of them. So now we don't have room for opinions and open dialogue. Funny that is what some of the vets fought for, freedom of opinions. As a matter of course I do support our troops, but also know murder intimately and don't know what the fuck we are still doing over there Obama. What the hell. I really am beginning to think he is more of a puppet than Bush. Just look at AIG I mean Geitner, what the hell. Of course I had that dialogue a long time ago with a very informed friend who has the great fortune of being well off enough to retire in his forties. He doesn't live extravagantly and manages his money well and he has time to be up on politics, city local and yes world. (rather than federal lets start saying world because I think we sometimes forget that is what we are a part of and that our national actions do influence the world). Ugh. Feel icky and that post just made me feel worse. The medicine has horrible side effects and on that note I am off to the bathroom again...

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