Sunday, January 10, 2010

Smiles in the morning

A just farted twice and it sounded like a duck quacking. HA! Good laugh in the morning. He has had this crud since Christmas on and off and it just leaves him tired. I ran some errands yesterday, but mostly we just watched hmmm More Tales of the City, The Green Dragon, More Tales of the City, and the Gran Turino. Aaron doesn't care for the Gran Turino, thinks it is too heavy handed, and the Christlike ending is over the top. I looked at it as entertainment. And unfortunately I think there are still some places in Michigan where yes they still talk like Wally. But the darlings of the show were Sue and Thao. He said he has know racist but even they don't talk like that. I thought, hmmm super small town in Michigan in a van over one of the high school breaks with a friend visiting her cousings drinking and making myself as small as possible hoping they don't notice I am Mexican because they have just trashed and threatened every race except of course the White is Right club. I didn't hold it against my friend and was too young and in way to remote a place to not be afraid of whatever else lurked out there...and now the scary part is that yup they were my age. I don't remember if the van was gray, but it feels like it.


  1. So sorry for A. I have had the same crud. Still, I'm coming around finally. You'll have to come over soon for tea, ok?

  2. farts are awesome. i laugh at farts every single time. they make life a much better and happier prospect. in fact, i honestly truly do believe that people who don't think farts are funny have no soul. i'm convinced this is a spiritual fact.

    as for hardcore racists... good ol' clint did a pretty good job, i think. i HAVE met people like that and even WORSE. you can stumble across them quite easily in more rural places in every state, but when i went to arkansas they were everywhere. sorry arkansas, that's just the experience i had. and my brother saw a black guy get run over by a truck ON PURPOSE when he lived in mississippi. hard to believe but yes, hardcore racists still do exist.

  3. Thanks Angela, I feel a poem or two coming on Farts and maybe more farts. I suppose I have so many on racism that it can get old from the pen perspective. Maybe farts will rejuvenate.