Monday, January 18, 2010

Return to Sender

I have to go back to work tomorrow. My tonsil I believe has returned to its normal size and my ear may or may not be better. The medicine was ok outside of needing to breath was worse than the illness.

I have not been at work since last Tuesday. I want a real week off where I have time to work out, and walk and cook beautiful foods. Where I get to know my body again and clean my home from washing the windows to mopping the floors. I want to return from a walk and collapse into the lemony fresh clean smell.

But tomorrow I go to work. I have my breakfast and lunch packed. (Aaron actually got a bunch of salad, salmon, chicken and pork leftover from some event so he sponsored dinner tonight, lunch tomorrow and a few more meals outside of that) My clothes laid out. My parking ticket - I hate fucking belltown - ready to mail.

I just keep thinking of getting out of debt so I have to work. And that sucks. My true work suffers. My body suffers. And I am tired.

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