Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dream.... dream dream dream dream dreammm

I had a dream that in one spot so maybe it was two dreams I was walking with others along a ruptured highway. I was hurrying as there was a schoolbus on its side and we me and a lot of other people were trying to see if the children were ok.
Jump forward to being in a fancyschmancy hotel that was more like a condo. It had one of those voice activated butlers and I remember waiting for someone or something that I was supposed to be doing and the butlers voice decided I should take a bath so I was like sure why not. So the automated system was filling the tub while my clothes were dropping to the floor and something made me go into the living room where there was a guy who had just walked into the room. He was a burgler, and somehow I didn't have a towel, but a cardigan lengthwise covering me. I was yelling at him Get out, Get out of here. He looked at the cardigan and told me to just relax. I kept yelling get out, and yelling to the automated butler thingee to help and that there was a burgler in my room. No answer. So he ran out the door, and I ran out behind him, knocking on doors with no one answsering as I wanted someone to call the front desk of the hotel to report the burgler and send security. He dodged down the stairwell as another guest was coming up the stairs I sort of nudged her out of the way and told her to go to her room and call for help because he was a burgler. Then I waited a minute after the door closed and opened it up and he was waiting behind the door. I yelled GET OUT again and started chasing him down the first two steps and he climbed out the window and shimmied up or down the brick wall that sort of had ladder like insets into it.

What is going on with my dreams?

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