Friday, January 8, 2010

Sore throat

Last night I had a dream that there were giant dragons and worms with mouths that were attacking the city. I ran in different neighborhoods of the city from something that looked like the woods around the railroad tracks by Golden Gardens to some unknown building location. It was a total Japanese Godzilla movie style dream. There were people running everywhere, and the animals found their pray by movement. Giant motion sensors that ate top down. For some reason a person could hug a tree and the monsters couldn't detect you. But you had to more than hug the tree you had to become one with it, basically fuck the tree. I remember wrapping my legs and arms around the trunk of this giant palm tree and watching a monster eat someone about 50 feet in front of me who sort of slid into the tree to wrap himself around to late. The dragon's mouth went straight down ate the tree and the person. One of the dragons skulked right by me when I was wrapped around the tree. Safe temporarily. My friends were killed. I yelled to them to be still, but they were laughing and playing like it was a joke. Then I remember running with strangers to find the next hiding place or monster free zone. Look out Zombieland the giant worms and dragons are coming!

I figure any screaming I did in my dream must have given me the sore throat I have tonight. I have gargled with warm salt water and had chicken soup. Going to bed now and sleeping hoping I wake up better.

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