Friday, January 1, 2010


Happy New Year All!

The day from that last post actually turned into a good day, I went back to bed woke up around 10am, and maybe it was the resolve, I don't know, but it was a productive fun day. From going to a paper store - this amazing store with scrapbook stuff, and picking through the clearance section. I am getting ready to start my scrapbook of weight loss again. Anyway, after that I met my friend Karen who has been unemployed a long time, and she is a smart, hard worker the economy sucks. It was a good decision to buy her a chai something, whatever she drinks rather than spend the $10 on a manicure. Then Aaron came over later and we stayed up late enough for me to sneak his anniversary card on his pillow. Yup 12/31, New Years Eve is our anniversary.

Can you believe it? One year. We went to the St. James Handel's Roman Fireworks or something like that concert that started at 11pm. We got there around 10pm, found a great parking spot. I unfortunately ate something that had my liver on fire so had me rushing in the bathroom. Fortunately I had that feeling before we even set foot in the cathedral so Aaron got seats that yes as I made it back to my seat after the orchestra and singers were on stage, but I didn't miss any of the performance. Then about a minute or two before New Year's the music stopped and a bell started to toll.

And before you know it Happy New Year. Then two people walked around with these big I thought they were angels at first but then realized it was supposed to be Jesus sort of long ribbon kite thingies that kept swooping the heads of people. Of course just as Aaron whispered something to me about the hat removal, the woman started walking toward our section. Aaron was still making comments, and I was just watching, and when it was one row ahead of us it was set to nail Aaron in the face. I laughed so hard I cried. Now as yes we were in a church I laughed as silently as I could with my shoulders shaking and my head buried against Aaron's shoulder. The trio behind us then started laughing, and I said to Aaron what a better way to bring in the new year than with laughter. Fortunately I was able to regain my composure before the music started up again, ok, one 5 second relapse which let to Aaron then whispering about luckily not having any toupees removed. Yowsa. We left close to 12:30pm and since we were going toward where everyone was did not experience to much horrid traffic.

Got a little crowded around Fairfield and Mercer. Hope there were no accidents or fatalities last night or this morning. Aaron drove and that was a real treat for me. We decided next year even if it is New Year's Eve to stay in, unless of course The Dusty 45s which we found out were at the Tractor last night do two shows like they did at the tractor. We will be old boring farts and go to the early show and then come home safe and sound and celebrate at home.

Oh we also watched the Fisher King, which I think is a perfect movie for New Year's. We are still working out our Christmas traditions, but think we found our New Year's one.

And I completely forgot we worked out yesterday. That was my present to him a 3 month membership to the club I go to. He is supposed to get me there twice a week, and I will get myself there twice a week. It felt good to work out. Eating is coming along.

Yes, and now for some of the resolutions:

Lose 1-2 pounds a week
For January, track food once a week
Eat a minimum of one fruit and vegetable a day (when you work and cook for yourself there are so many non-vegetable options available at the store/fast food, etc.)- Revisit in March to increase amount

There are more, but I want to talk to my sweetie first before revealing them here.

Ok, Best of Laughter, Love, Fame and Fortune to you in 2010.


  1. When I first started reading my poetry (out loud I mean) it was at the now defunct Queen Anne Coffeehouse and the piano player from the Dusty 45s used to play the piano in there all the time a beat up purple piano. Page never misses their concerts btw. Has all the cds.

  2. Micah - dang I told Aaron, I should have known how good they were, he was always so understated. I don't remember you at the QA Coffeehouse series, it was nice, a lot of people who didn't show up at the other readings came there. I loved that.