Sunday, January 10, 2010

Soups On

This recipe is courtesy of my ex - the mycologist Guy

Shitake mushrooms - a lot
spinach - sliced in thin strips
sesame oil
broth, chix or vege
cheese crumbles, mix it up make once with feta, another time with blue, etc.

Saute mushrooms or actually cook in the oven drizzled with sesame oil until done.

Heat the broth. When heated add the spinach. Give the spinach time to soften 2 - 3 minutes. Add the mushrooms.

Ladle into your favorite soup mug. Add a small amount of cheese crumbles. You don't want to overtake the mushroomy broth just add another hint/layer of flavor.

This goes nicely with a non- saltine cracker, more of a rich butter or grainy cracker.

oops - Guy normally puts a lot of garlic in sauteed after the mushrooms, I forgot to and I think maybe only 1-2 cloves.

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