Saturday, January 9, 2010


I think I feel better. Too soon to tell. My bed is under this heater that is from the main house. And my wonderful landlady (seriously) pours on the heat in the am and pm and it seems like every 3 minutes there is a full on minute of hot air coming out. Hence the soar throat. Yes I am one of the many Americans with less than the average size sinus cavity and also still a snot nose kid with equals to breathing through my mouth at night. Breathing hot dry air. Sore throat. Yuck. But I feel better today. I feel rested. And clear. How odd. Even somewhat with a sense of energy. This sensation has been lost for a bit so am scared to overdo it and end up back in bed in oh say 15 minutes. But I did start the dishwasher. Yay me!

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